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French transparency Charter on the use of animals for scientific and regulatory purposes


The french actors in public and private research have just signed the transparency Charter on the use of animals for scientific and regulatory purposes. Initiated by the French Ministry of higher Education, Research and Innovation, and coordinated by GIRCOR, an associative organisation that inform the public about animal research, this approach echoes similar initiatives in the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium and Portugal.


Individually or by their professionnal representative (LEEM, SIMV) and academic research organizations (CNRS, INRAE, INSERM…),  French institutions using animals for scientific purposes for the research or development of medicines for humans or animals, suppliers and partners, all commit to greater transparency. These signatures attest to the convergence of high ethical principles.


Research, basic and applied alike, needs models to progress and evolve. It requires an integrated approach of synergic experimental methods based on data processing (in silico), biochemistry, cell and tissue culture (in vitro) and the use of living animals (in vivo), as well as clinical data. In silico and in vitro models are widely used, but are unable, based on current knowledge, to fully replace animal models. In order to carry out top quality research, the use of animal-based models remains therefore necessary.


The signatories of the Charter make four commitments to communicate the use of animals for scientific purposes to the general public and better explain animal research. In accordance with the legal provisions of the Rural Code and the Civil Code, and by virtue of their convictions, the signatories of this Charter recognize that animals are living beings endowed with sensitivity. The use of animals in scientific and medical research is framed by specific regulations which protect them, ensure their well-being and inforce compliance of ethical rules.


Every citizen has the right to access comprehensive, clear and accurate information regarding the reasons and conditions for the use of animals for scientific or regulatory purposes, but also the regulatory framework that guides this use, as well as the scientific and medical progress that result from it.


Each year, implementations and actions carried out following the signature of the charter will be reported in an synthetic document.



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