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Alternative methods

20 - 06 - 2018

Yellow Fever: New Method for Testing the Safety of the Vaccine

CNRS Press Release
Paris on June 14
Yellow Fever: New Method for Testing the Safety of the Vaccine
Researchers from the Pasteur Institute, the CNRS and Sanofi Pasteur have just developed a new alternative method to animal testing, which will ultimately test the safety of vaccines such as the yellow fever vaccine. This original approach is based on the development of a in cellulo device using a 3D culture model, the "BBB-Minibrain", to evaluate the safety of live vaccines for human use. This model was developed by the Pasteur Institute and a patent application was filed by the Pasteur Institute and Inserm. The limitation of the use of animals in quality control, in particular for the tests carried out by the pharmaceutical industry to answer the requests of the authorities is called into question by this study. The results were published in the journal Biologicals in May 2018, and online on March 24th.
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