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04 - 09 - 2018

Writing a Non Technical Summary

Understanding Animal Research has published a guide in english for researchers to write Non-Technical summeries.


For any scientific study using animals, a project authorization application document must be filed with the national authority.

This document must include a non-technical summary (NTS) that explains the project to the public, as well as the justification for the project,  information regarding the respect of the 3Rs and various administrative documents.

A NTS is an essential element of public information on animal testing. It must be complete and concise and sufficiently explain the why and the how of the use of animals without mentionning protected or confidential information.

To help researchers, Understanding Animal Research has published a guide to writing NTSsThis guide recalls:

- the information that must be included in an NTS and the editorial rules required for a summary of a scientific project intended for the general public (clear plan, short sentences, non-technical language, objectivity)

- the ten most common mistakes: forgetting the essential, being imprecise, being incomprehensible to non-scientists, being academic, forgetting important details, overestimating the expected benefits. An NTS must be written de novo and is not be a copy-and-paste of scientific texts.