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Scientific progress

08 - 01 - 2018

Weight loss without effort: NNMT inhibitors

A substance allows the mouse to reduce fattening and blood cholesterol without reducing the intake of food.


The obesity and overweight epidemic is a global problem. Many research teams are trying to find a way to counter it.


Researchers have noticed that when a fat cell (adipocyte) begins to grow, it overexpresses a protein called NNMT * that slows down its metabolism and energy consumption, and thus encourages the development of fat tissue. They then searched and found a substance that blocks the action of this protein.




This substance was tested on adipocyte cultures and then in mice made obese by a diet too rich in energy.


The administration of this substance to obese mice resulted in a 10-day weight loss of 7% and a 30% reduction in adipose tissue compared to the untreated group, without any reduction in food consumption.




Finally, the blood cholesterol level of the treated animals was equal to that of non-obese animals.


These good results encourage the search for NNMT inhibitors that can be used in human medicine to fight overweight and obesity.


* NNMT or nicotinamide-N-methyltransferase