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Animal research, Ethics, Regulation

31 - 12 - 2015

Video: Understanding animal models in 5 minutes

What is animal research ? How are laboratory animals protected in Europe ? What are the challenges of animal research ? Xavier Montagutelli, head of the animal facilities at the Pasteur Institute, veterinary doctor and researcher in genetics, agreed to answer a few of our questions in a five minutes video. 



Testimony of a researcher from the Pasteur Institute

The purpose of using an animal model is primarily to simplify the complexity of situations that may be encountered in humans,” explains Xavier Montagutelli, head of the main animal facility at the Pasteur Institute.


In this video, he reveals the daily life of researchers who use animals for their scientific projects and he also provides an update on the strict European regulations which govern animal testing.


For more information: Animal models are essential to biomedical research: issues and perspectives, article co-written by Xavier Montagutelli and Françoise Barré-Sinoussi (2008 Nobel Prize).


Interested in the topic?  Read this letter of support to the European directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes, signed by 208 organizations.