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Animal research

05 - 02 - 2019

Video : primates in research

The American Association for Medical Progress (AMP) posted a video that presents the reasons and conditions for the use of primates in research in the United States.


In this video, less than five minutes long, a researcher, a director of an ethics committee, a veterinarian and an animal caretaker intervene successively to talk about their activity and share their points of view on the primates in the research facility.


They explain how these animals are essential for the acquisition of some research knowledge to advance biology and human medicine.


They also explain how they live their relationships with these animals and how they act to permanently advance their living conditions.


The video shows animals housed in outside and inside buildings.





The video (sound and subtitles) is in English.


In 2016, GIRCOR produced a six-minute long video in French in which researchers explain why they must use animals (rodents, fish, dogs, primates) in some research, in addition to non-animal models (in vitro, in silico). Images show these animals in research institutions.