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11 - 04 - 2015

The value of the directive that regulates animal research in Europe

The Wellcome Trust institute recalls in a recent press release the value of the European Directive 2010/63/EU. This directive regulates the use of animals in research. It enables the pursuit of scientific and medical progress while ensuring a greater protection to animals. 

 The European Directive 2010/63/EU The Directive establishes a rigorous and harmonized framework for the use of animals in scientific research in the European Union. It asserts the need for the use of animals in medical progress and ensures their well-being. It was developed in consultation with interested parties: researchers, breeders and animal protection organizations.     The directive :                  - Limits the use of animals in fundamental and applied research for the protection of humans, animals, plants and the environment;                  - Complies with the principle of the 3Rs ;                   -   Supervises and controls the structures, people and studies ;                  -   Establishes an ethical evaluation of projects ;                  -   Collects information on the studies ad animals used ;                  -   Calls on the State Members to encourage and promote alternative methods. France has its own regulations. It was updated in accordance with the European Directive and is the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture. Its principles and guidelines are similar to those of the European regulations.  The Wellcome Trust press release The Wellcome Trust is a scientific and medical non-profit foundation. Its mission is to encourage and promote research to improve the health of humans and animals. After the Bill-and-Melinda-Gates Foundation, it is the most powerful philanthropic foundation in the world. Following the submission of a citizens’ initiative to the European Commission that calls for the repeal of the 2010/63/EU directive, the Wellcome Trust wishes to recall in a statement available in 20 languages, the vital importance of this directive for the pursuit of scientific and medical research in Europe. This press release was sent to the European Parliament and Commission. It was signed by 129 public and private European research institutions.