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28 - 09 - 2018

Transposition of the European directive on the protection of laboratory animals by the Member States

The European Commission announced in July that it had notified six Member States for failures to transpose the Directive 2010/63 on the protection of laboratory animals.




Directive 2010/63 on the protection of animals used in research had to be transposed by the Member States by 10 November 2012.


This directive covers the protection of animals used in research and the proper function of the internal market. Moreover, it asks to reduce as much as possible the number of animals used and requires the use of alternative methods when available.


However this complex text can present implementation difficulties for some countries.


For example, in July the European Commission announced that it had notified six Member States. These are Estonia, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Spain. Four other states were already subject to infringement proceedings: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia.






The issues concerning the six new countries, concern up to twenty articles and three annexes in one case, and in other cases the inspections, the competence, the presence of veterinary surgeons, the penalties, the anesthesia, the transitory nature of the severe procedures , archiving data or some aspects of primate use.


States have two months to respond, after which the Commission may decide to deliver a reasoned opinion.


In an reply to a parliamentary question on the 16th of July, the Commission depicted the transposition situation of this directive for all the Member States.