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Veterinarians and laboratory animals

11 - 16 - 2016

Veterinarians and laboratory animals

From the 15th to the 18th of November, the...

A European conference on the future of animal research

11 - 07 - 2016

A European conference on the future of animal research

The European Commission is organizing in Brussels...

How is the ‘endocrine disruptor’ risk evaluated ?

10 - 20 - 2016

How is the ‘endocrine disruptor’ risk evaluated ?

A study published in a British medical journal assessed the...

According to the Sentinel Network, the vector of Lyme disease, a tick infected with a bacterium of the family of spirochetes has infected 26 146 new patients in France in 2014. © Jim Gathany

07 - 13 - 2016

Lyme disease : a public health emergency !

Transmitted by ticks...

INSERM: publication of ‘Science & Santé’ number 32

07 - 09 - 2016

INSERM: publication of ‘Science & Santé’ number 32

The INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) published...

The bill on the safety of chemicals wishes to protect the environment but also to decrease the occurrences of illnesses related to the consumption of chemicals (cancer, endocrinales disturbances ...)

06 - 27 - 2016

The Chemical industry advocates the appropriate use of animals

After two decades of work, the President of the United States has signed this Wednesday the 22nd of June an agreement on chemical...

Laboratory mouse © Rama/Wikimedia Commons

06 - 13 - 2016

The animal model : a challenge for scientists !

The annual FELASA conference ( Federation for Laboratory Animal Science Associations) begins...

the rat and genomics

04 - 18 - 2016

EURATRANS: the study of rat helps human genetics progress

The study of isolated genes doesn’t allow us to know the origins of inflammatory, metabolic, behavioural and cardiovascular human diseases....

Diseases of farmed animals

04 - 14 - 2016

A global alliance against animal diseases

A strategic global alliance of research coordination on major...

Society of Neuroscience

03 - 10 - 2016

Brain Awareness Week – 2016 Edition

The 17th edition of Brain Awareness Week will be held from the 14th...