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The NC3R strengthens its collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry

08 - 19 - 2016

The NC3R strengthens its collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry

The NC3R, an organization whose mission is to develop and promote the 3Rs in research, has just reinforced its collaboration with the...

Will technology one day replace the use of animals in research, just like it has started to rebuild the human brain © Musthaqsms/Pixabay
Laboratory mouse © Rama/Wikimedia Commons

06 - 13 - 2016

The animal model : a challenge for scientists !

The annual FELASA conference ( Federation for Laboratory Animal Science Associations) begins...

Peta criticizes AFM-Téléthon for using animal models
13th FELASA congress
Nathalie Million, journalist at Radio France

01 - 15 - 2016

Video : Debate on animal Research

Today, could we do without animal research ?  What are the alternatives to animal testing ? What are the regulations for the use of animals for...

Xavier Montagutelli, head of the animal facilities at the Pasteur Institute

12 - 31 - 2015

Video: Understanding animal models in 5 minutes

What is animal research ? How are laboratory animals protected in Europe ? What are the challenges of animal research ? Xavier Montagutelli, head...

Video : debate at the Cité des Sciences on animal research

12 - 21 - 2015

Debate on animal testing

In Europe, laboratory animals are used to develop new drugs, test the toxicity of chemicals and food, among others. What is the...

A beagle, a breed often used for animal research

12 - 03 - 2015

Life after the lab?

You may think animals used for scientific purposes never leave the lab alive. But, it’s wrong! In France,...

genome editing techniques

12 - 02 - 2015

Genome editing and cloning

In the middle of a controversy, the Boyalife group...