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Infographic: the 3Rs principle

The 3Rs principle

The 3Rs rule (Replace, Reduce, Refine) helps to protect laboratory animals.

Infographic: Before and After

BEFORE / AFTER: alternative methods

We present you 3 alternative in vitro methods that replace animal testing.

Infographic: Validating alternative methods

Validating alternative methods

What are the steps to validate a new alternative method? The answer in this infographic.

Infographic: Nobel Prize and animal research

The Nobel Prizes

This infographic shows the importance of animal research in the discoveries awarded Nobel Prizes.*

Infographic - Our ethics in animal research

The Ethical Approach

This infographic shows the evolution of ethics and regulations around animal research.

Computer graphics - Animals used in France in 2016 for research and the health of people and animals

The Numbers

This infographic shows the given numbers on the animals used in France in 2016 for research and human and animal health.