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Animal research

27 - 09 - 2016

A six-minute film on animal research

In collaboration with the CNRS and the INSERM, GIRCOR has produced a six-minute film in which researchers explain how and why animal models are part of the life of a research project. 

These French scientists and their teams that work in various scientific and medical fields (neuroscience, oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology, veterinary medicine) show that animal models are only part of the models used in research, but they remain necessary for scientific and medical progress. Whether fundamental, translational or applied research, animal research provides information that no other model can. 


Animal models have led to major scientific and medical advances such as the replacement of heart valves in children without major surgery, deep brain stimulation to treat Parkinson’s disease, the demonstration of syllabic learning to read or gene therapy to prevent certain types of blindness in children. 


The main features of the regulations are recalled in the video and the pictures illustrate the comments by presenting animals in the context of research. 


This transparency approach to research answers the questions that the public may have on the use of animals in research and familiarizes them with the process for a research project. 



More information: the Recherche Animale video channel