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Animal welfare, Ethics

02 - 12 - 2015

Retirement for lab animals

You may think that animals used for scientific purposes never leave the la alive. But it’s wrong! In France, associations have taken on the challenge of rehoming dogs, cats, rats, mice, hamsters, horses, farm animals, birds, monkeys, fish and rabbits from research laboratories. 



Life after the lab ?

Contrary to popular belief still very much ingrained, laboratory animals may be placed with individuals or institutions after an adaptation phase. Currently, although it is permitted by law, this adoption procedure is an exception rather than a rule.


Whether it is for scientific reasons (postmortem study of the bodies) or sanitary regulations, the majority of laboratory animals are euthanized at the end of the scientific experiments. But this is not always the case – sometimes adoption outside the laboratory is possible. This is where the associations intervene.  


The link between researchers and shelters


Since 2005, the reflection and action group for animals (GRAAL) has been working with research units and offers the animals retirement options whenever possible (see video above).


The GRAAL, in collaboration with researchers and adoptive families or institutions, was able to give a happy retirement to hundreds of various species of animals (dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, birds, monkeys, mice, rats, hamsters, fish).


Similarly, since 2014, the young White Rabbit Association proposes to “take charge of the rehabilitation of laboratory rabbits and placing them in foster families in order to prepare them gradually and in the best possible way to a new family life”


Would you like to adopt a retired research laboratory pet ? Visit the websites of these organizations: GRAAL and the White Rabbit.