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08 - 06 - 2018

A report on the use of animals in scientific research from the European Federation of Academies of Medicine

The European Federation of Academies of Medicine (FEAM) organized on March 28th in Brussels a round table on the use of animals in scientific research, which brought together representatives of academies, industries, research institutions, charitable foundations as well as decision makers.


The aim was to discuss the recommendations made by the European Commission in its report on the revision of the Directive 2010/63 / EU on the protection of animals used in scientific research.


The report of this round table has just been published.



Europe has an appropriate and detailed regulation of research animals, which takes into account and encourages scientific progress.


To ensure that this regulation has a real effect on animal welfare by avoiding duplicate or useless administrative processes, and ensures the dissemination of good practices that improve 3Rs and scientific quality, the report recommends:

             - that authorities and organizations provide researchers with modern training tools with information on 3Rs

             - that the Animal Welfare Structures (SBEA) have the necessary means to achieve their objectives and benefit from coordination

             - that recommendations and methods that improve the reproducibility of studies be promoted

             - that the scientific community communicates responsibly about the use of animals in research 

             - that the scientific community collaborates with the authorities to effectively advance the 3Rs by promoting progress and avoiding inefficient administrative processes.