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06 - 07 - 2018

Renal insufficiency: is gene therapy the solution?

Research in gene therapy is beginning to develop viral vectors in mice that could be used to treat kidney failure.




Kidney failure is a serious disease that can lead to dialysis and organ transplant. Its increased incidence is many due to hypertension and diabetes. Promising but still new research is looking into cell therapy and gene therapy.


Gene therapy is now a confirmed medical solution. Several gene therapy drugs are now allowed in Europe, the USA and China. Many teams are working on its implementation to treat kidney failure.


A team of researchers has evaluated the ability of six viral vectors used in gene therapy to transfer genes to kidney cells in mice and organoids derived from human renal stem cells.





Anc80 synthetic viruses functioned in vitro and in mice. It is important that this vector also works in the mouse model so the study and development of renal gene therapy move forwards to patients.


The next steps will be:


     - the identification of genes that will correct kidney failure

     - limiting the action of the vectors to the kidney and not the other organs.