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20 - 05 - 2019

Publication of the report of the OPECST's hearing

The Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices published the report of the hearing it organized on the 17th January regarding the "Use of animals in research and alternatives to animal experimentation: state of the art and perspectives ".





The conclusions from pages 7 to 14 state that:

               - Regulations account for the welfare of animals 

               - Replacement methods generally don't apprehend the complexity of the living

               - animal models are not perfect

               - tightening regulations in Europe could undermine the competitiveness of research and encourage relocation to countries where animal welfare is less relevant

               - Information aimed at the general public is insufficient

               - during studies, access to animal models should be limited to the end of the university course in biology and include training in animal ethics and care

               - in silico, in vitro and in vivo methods do not answer the same questions, they are complementary and must be combined to take advantage of each method

               - there is no specific funding for alternative methods, it is integrated into each of the scientific programs

               - the creation of a 3Rs center and the publication of negative results could be useful.


The rapport recommend developing:

               - biomonitoring and epidemiological studies via big data

               - artificial intelligence algorithms

               - the publication of negative results

               - training in ethics and animal welfare in the university curriculum


They also recommend limiting the use of animals in practical work to higher education.