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29 - 06 - 2018

Pesticides and our health

The INRA and the INSERM have just published a study that shows in mice the health effects of a cocktail of pesticides put in contact with the animals for a year in the diet at doses authorized for humans.



Due to the exposure of people to pesticides used in agriculture, it is necessary to study thier consequences on health.


Epidemiological data suggest an effect on metabolic diseases such as obesity without being able to specify or explain this effect.


To find out more, researchers from the INRA and the INSERM have carried out a study in mice, to which they administered for a year a cocktail of six pesticides used on apples growing in Europe, at acceptable daily doses for humans. To best reproduce the situation of the consumer, the cocktail was mixed with animal feed.



At the end of the study:

- males show signs of diabetes, an accumulation of fat in the liver and overweight

- the females show signs of hepatic disturbances and a modification of the intestinal microbiota.




The difference between the sexes is probably due to the different detoxification processes of pesticides in male and female mice.

These results confirm the possibility of a link between pesticides and metabolic diseases, as indicated by epidemiological studies.

Other work is underway or will begin, to understand the mechanisms involved and their equivalence in humans, as well as their effects in pregnancy, perinatal stages or during lactation.