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01 - 03 - 2017

Pasteur Institute: “The brain repaired”

The Pasteur Institute publishes a Journal of Research made up of news, dossiers and events. The dossier published on February 24th is entitled “The brain repaired”. It was written by Pierre-Marie Lledo, neurobiologist, director of the Perception and Memory Unit of the Pasteur Institute.

In this document, we discover that the brain is becoming better known and that we are almost certain that one day we will be able to repair cerebral lesions, as we repair hearts or as we begin to repair sight. The research take time because this organ which includes 100 billion neurons each connected to thousands of other neurons is unparalleled in complexity in the organism.

This dossier is an opportunity to remind that animal models, especially mice, have allowed many advances that other research models cannot provide.