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20 - 11 - 2018

With Negative Results: negative is positive!

Research publishes results to ensure the fastest possible dissemination of knowledge.


Unfortunately negative results, from studies that do not confirm the tested hypotheses, are often not or only summarily published.


Currently, published scientific discoveries represent only 10% of the studies carried out, 90% being unpublished negative results! The loss of information is huge.


There is no doubt that studies are redone by research teams simply because the original negative results were not published by the team that did it before. In addition to the economic factor, the use of animals in the reproduced research could be avoided if negative studies were published.


But publishing negative results requires both researchers time to write publications, which is a very big job, and scientific journals that agree to publish them, which is rare.


To meet the need for scientific journals that publish negative results, four French researchers, Antoine Muchir, Rémi Thomasson, Yannick Tanguy and Thibaud Marais have launched the online scientific journal "Negative Results" which is Open Access and Peer Reviewed.





This review publishes negative results in all areas of basic and applied biological research: aging, cardiology, molecular and cellular biology, development, endocrinology, epidemiology, genetics, immunology, infectious diseases, drug chemistry, metabolism, muscle studies, nephrology, neurobiology, ophthalmology, pharmacology, pneumology, protocols and reproduction. It offers tools to facilitate the work of researchers.


It is now up to all the research teams concerned to roll up their sleeves and start typing to publish their negative results, ... that are so positive for research!