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03 - 10 - 2017

Laboratory animal protection: a comprehensive regulatory framework

The Inserm, the National Institute of Health and Medical Research, states the current protection for animals in research.

Researchers questionned about the conditions of the use of research animals often indicate that a set of rules ensures the protection of these animals.

The Inserm has published, on its Extranet in the Pre-Clinic section, a detailed list of these rules for all its research teams to take knowledge of, as well as the general public. Among these can be found:

The methods to avoid or manage pain in certain study projects, for example on disease models (cancer, Parkinson's), are presented in the chapter on the cut-off points the after the 3Rs section.


All these rules provide a framework as complete as it can be for the protection of animals in biomedical research. The technical and administrative constraints that these impose require means that the institutions have put in place. In addition, lasting work to update the current knowledge is necessary to keep up with the best practices in all areas.