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08 - 02 - 2018

Kynurenic acid: a healthy ally for

Researchers have just shown in mice that a substance produced by muscular activity, kynurenic acid, causes weight loss when the diet is too rich.


Kynurenine is a substance related to depression and mental illness. It is a marker of stress and inflammation in the brain. Muscular activity decreases the level of kynurenine by producing kynurenic acid.


Researchers wanted to know the effect kynurenic acid on the body, and in particular on obesity and glucose tolerance.


They fed mice with food too rich in fat. The animals became obese and hyperglycemic.


Following this, they gave them a daily dose of kynurenic acid. Weight gain was halted and blood glucose decreased.


Cellular and biochemical tests showed that kynurenic acid activated the adipocyte (fat cells)  Gpr35 receptor and pushed them to consume their energy stock (beige fat). Moreover, the same Gpr35 receptor present on the immune cells, once activated by kynurenic acid, produced an anti-inflammatory effect.



In transgenic mice lacking the Gpr35 receptor, the effects of kynurenic acid is no longer evident.


In conclusion, this study has opened a new potential therapeutic avenue for treating obesity and diabetes. It also confirms that sport is healthy!