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13 - 07 - 2018

Infection prevention: results in the elderly

Inhibition of the TORC1 protein complex improves the health of aging mice. A clinical study has shown that this is also the case in the elderly.



In the aged mouse, inhibition of the TORC1 protein complex results in longer life and slows down the decline of the immune system.





On this basis researchers carried out a phase 2 clinical trial in the elderly. The goal was to determine whether TORC1 inhibition by a class of drugs used against cancer, improved immune function and decreased infections.


The trial included 264 healthy volunteers over 65 years old. The duration of treatment was six weeks and the trial was conducted against placebo.


It was observed that a low dose of two combined TORC1 inhibitors (BEZ235 and RAD001) was well tolerated and was associated with a very significant decrease in the number of infections reported by individuals during the year following treatment.


In addition, there was an increase in the expression of antiviral genes and a better response to vaccination against influenza.


Inhibition of TORC1 thus showed an ability to improve immunity and reduce infections in the elderly, as it did in mice.