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Animal welfare

17 - 07 - 2018

How does the animal health industry contribute to animal welfare?

The SIMV (French association for animal health industry), held its annual conference under the sign of animal welfare.





The SIMV represents manufacturers and marketers of medicines, diagnosis, devices and technologies for animal health. With more than 6,700 employees, France is the first country in Europe to research and produce veterinary medicines and reagents.


The SIMV's annual conference was held on the 3rd July 2018 on the theme of animal welfare. The videos and speaker presentations are available online.


Pierre Mormède, veterinarian, president of the ANSES animal welfare working group, recalled that the consideration of animal welfare was a major component of the sustainability of livestock farming.





Clara Marcé, veterinarian, head of the Bureau of Animal Protection at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, presented the five lines of action of France's strategy for animal welfare 2016-2020, from pets to farm animals and animals used in scientific research.





Alain Boissy, Director of the National Reference Center on Animal Welfare, presented the organization, and the missions and actions of the Center.





Christophe Brard, President of the National Society of Veterinary Technical Groups, and Jean François Rousselot, President of the French Association of Pet Veterinarians, presented the veterinarians' expectations of animal health companies.


Serge Leterme, President of Diagnostics for animals, Eric Vandaële, Auzalide Animal Health and Marie-Bénédicte Charpentier, Farm of the Future Neovia presented answers provided by companies of animal health.


Loïc Dombreval, Member for the Alpes-Maritimes and Chairman of the Parliamentary Study Group on Animal Condition, recalled the major role of veterinarians in the consideration of animal welfare in livestock and other relevant professional activities as well as the OneWelfare concept, a unique well-being for animals and humans together, parallel to that of OneHealth.