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11 - 08 - 2017

How to control cytomegalovirus infections?

Cytomegaloviruses (CMV) are responsible for a large number of infections in humans, which go unnoticed most of the time. The virus persists in infected people in a latent form that can be reactivated in case of immunosuppression (graft, AIDS). The infection can then have serious consequences.


Studies are currently being conducted in preclinical and clinical settings to evaluate the potential for regulatory immune (Treg) T cells to prevent disease in these immunocompromised individuals.


As part of this research, a study of a mouse model of CMV infection has discovered that Tregs can block or activate the immune response to CMV depending on the organ in which it is present. This surprising result shows the complexity of the interactions between host and virus and questions the use of Treg modulation to control infection.


Studies are ongoing.