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06 - 03 - 2018

A guide for ethics committees in France

GRICE published today a reference document on the common rules for the organization and operation of ethics committees.
In 2000, GRICE, an interprofessional think-tank on ethics committees applied to animal testing, published recommendations for ethics committees that had been implemented voluntary by research institutes in France.

Following the transposition into French law of the Directive 2010/63 / EU, ethics committees became competent authorities in charge of the ethical evaluation of projects. As such, the Director General of Research and Innovation of the Ministry of Research asked GRICE in 2012 to draft reference documents on ethics committees.
The guide published today responds to this request as regards to the common rules of organization and operation of these committees.


It is based on the regulatory texts and the National Charter on the Ethics of Animal Experiments and exposes a set of principles on the basis of which the committees will be able to draw up and update their procedure rules.
It commits to the harmonization of the operation of the French committees to ensure a homogeneous treatment of the evaluated projects. It also proposes to the ethics committees ways to affirm their position as a place for dialogue and reflection in accordance with the National Charter.