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22 - 02 - 2021

The French Transparency charter on the use of animals for scientific and regulatory purposes is signed.




The French actors in public and private research have just signed the Transparency Charter on the use of animals for scientific and regulatory purposes. Initiated by the French Ministry of higher Education, Research and Innovation, and coordinated by GIRCOR, associative organization that inform the public about animal research, this approach echoes similar initiatives in the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium and Portugal.


Individually or by their professional representative (LEEM, SIMV) and academic research organizations (CNRS, INRAE, INSERM…), French institutions using animals for scientific purposes for the research or development of medicines for humans or animals, suppliers and partners, all commit to greater transparency. These signatures attest to the convergence of high ethical principles.


Research aims to continuously increase scientific knowledge, improve human and veterinary medical therapies as well as better protect humans, animals and the environment. Research, basic and applied alike, requires an integrated approach that relies on synergic experimental methods : the use of animal models remains therefore necessary to carry out top quality research.


Every citizen has the right to comprehensive, clear and accurate information regarding the reasons and conditions for the use of these animal models, but also the regulatory framework that guides this use as well as the scientific and medical progress that result from it. To this end, the signatories of this charter, commit to four engagements to promote the understanding of animal research :

1 – To explain the reasons and conditions for using animals for scientific and regulatory purposes

2 – To disseminate information to the general public and the media

3 – To ease information flow with the general public and the media

4 – To produce an annual document outlining the progress regarding public information


« I am very proud of the massive support from public and private research organizations united by common ambitions for responsible research that is in line with the expectations of our society ». 

 Ivan Balansard, President of GIRCOR.



Our society is going through an unprecedented health crisis. It is more than ever, crucial to share accurate information to help people fully understand the issues at stake and the solutions available to preserve our health and improve our daily lives.


Today, thanks to this transparency Charter, the French scientific community is strengthening its relationship of trust with its citizens and showing its commitment to greater transparency on the use of animals in research.



>> Download the transparency Charter (English version)


>> Charter webpage


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