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21 - 11 - 2017

Figures that need more attention

The annual survey on animals used in research has just been published for the year 2015.


In France, as in every country in the European Union, the government carries out surveys on animals used in research. These previously triennial surveys are now annual.


The results for 2015 have just been published by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. They are accompanied by explanations.


The new survey format is important. It includes more information than previous surveys: species, number, provenance, purpose of studies, severity, reuse. The numbers are accurate and give an image on the use of animals, as fairly as possible.


They deserve to be spread and understood in order to fuel the debate about the use of animals in research.



We suggest you read through a News and, for those who use Twitter, in a series of tweets that we will publish from today preceded by #RAstats2015. These tweets will have more information on the data available. Do not hesitate to ask us questions. We will answer as best we can.