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09 - 11 - 2017

Ethics committees for animal experiments

Ethics committees for animal testing have existed for more than 30 years in France. Initiated by researchers from public and private institutions in various forms, they have now be installed in the rural code (article R214-117 to 121).



The national list of committees can be found on the website of the Ministry of Research, which provides information on animals used for scientific purposes.


In this page you will find further information on regulations, administrative procedures , the number of animals used and in which areas of research. The 2015 statistics have recently been published.


Ethics committees for animal testing carry out an ethical evaluation and give a reasoned opinion for each study project that plans to use animals. This opinion is sent to the Ministry of Research, which gives out permissions to implement the project.


An upcoming publication of GIRCOR will clarify the organization and operating conditions of the committees under these regulations.


In the same way, an update of the scientific and technical bases of the ethical evaluation of the projects will soon be diffused, including for the application of the regulation.


Remember that the Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for the inspections of research establishments. Here too, a dedicated page gives a lot of information on the: accreditation of establishments, training and competence of employees, breeders, and transportation.