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12 - 10 - 2017

Ebola: two vaccines induce immune responses in clinical trials

Two vaccines against the Ebola virus, validated in primates, have successfully passed a Phase 2 clinical trial.


In August 2014, in response to the outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa, the WHO called for an accelerated vaccine production.


These had to prove their ability to protect non-human primates from inoculation with the deadly Ebola virus and be produced in facilities that meet Good Manufacturing Practices.


Two vaccines meeting these criteria have been developed and Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials have been initiated.


Today, the results of a Phase 2 trial in Liberia in collaboration with the US, that involved 1,500 adult men and women, were published.


Participants in three groups of 500 people received either a placebo or one of the two vaccines studied (AD3-EBOZ or rVSV-ZEBOV). One year later, the two vaccinated groups showed an immune response (antibody) maintained in 64 to 80 percent of the participants, which is very satisfactory.



These results show that we may have the vaccines we need in case of a future Ebola epidemic.