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Project authorization

To carry out a project using animals you need an authorization (article R214-122 of the rural code).

The conditions for submission are specified in an implementing order.


The authorization request is to be submitted by the project manager, together with a file that includes

                                 - The project proposal

                                 - A non-technical summery

                                 - information on:

                                                   - the justification for the project, the use of animals and the procedures

                                                   - the practice of reduction, replacement and refinement

                                                   - anaesthetics and analgesics

                                                   - endpoints

                                                   - statistics

                                                   - reuse

                                                   - the degree of gravity of the procedures (See Annex: classification)

                                                   - the eventual reuse of the animals

                                                   - the absence of repetition of the study

                                                   - the methods of execution

                                                   - the employees and the establishment's authorizations

A project can’t be authorized if it’s the object of a positive ethical evaluation that needs to be reviewed by the minister.


The authorizations are given for maximum 5 years. All substantial changes in the project require the submission of a new file.


Read more : Guide from the European Commission on project authorization and evaluation