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The Grice

In France, ethic committees appeared more than 20 years ago at the suggestion of researchers because of the absence of any regulations caring for the application of ethical practices on animals.


The Grice (French group of interprofessional reflexion on ethics committees applied to animal research) is a team of Gircor created in 1991 to promote the development of ethics committees. In 1993 it adopted a chart and in 2000 established recommendations. Under its impulse many other committees were created.


The Grice wrote and published a Guide to ethical evaluation of studies on animals in 2009, describing in detail the principles and methods of ethical evaluation. This guide was sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. The national Committee of ethical reflexion on animal research made it a reference.


Since 2013 the French regulation demands a favourable ethical evaluation for each request for the authorization of a project using animals.


Members of the Grice, currently directed by Nicolas Dudoignon, researcher at Sanofi, continue their mission to promote ethic committees. They lead training courses for ethic committee members and draft documents with recommendations. The Grice is today in France the voice of ethics committees on animal research.

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