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Ethics committees

The mission of an ethic committee is to make an ethical evaluation that will be attached to the project authorizations.


The mission is defined by the structure and functioning of the committees in the articles R14-117 to 121 of the French rural code.


The committees are created at the establishment's suggestion and approved by the minister in charge of research.

To be approved a committee must:

- justify multidisciplinary competence
- respect the national chart
- dispose of sufficient funds


A committee must be composed of a minimum of five people with various competences, including a veterinarian. These people cannot participate in a deliberation in which they would have an interest, at the risk of invalidating the decision.


Each committee examines the project of one or several attached institutes regarding the following conditions:

- Project justifications (scientific, regulatory or educational)
- Justifications for the use of animals
- Conditions for the project’s realization


The conformity of the project to legal requirements of replacement, reduction and refinement are particularly verified. The necessity or interest in having a retrospective evaluation is examined.


The list of authorized national ethic committees is available on the Ministry’s website. On July 6th 2013, there were 114 authorized committees.