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Alternative methods, Animal research, Animal welfare, Ethics

15 - 04 - 2015

The CSR awards reward the 3Rs

 The CSR trophies for pharmaceutical companies were awarded by the Leem for the first time on the 31st of March 2015. The ‘coup de coeur’ prize rewarded Sanofi Pasteur for the development of an in vitro test to replace an in vivo test on mice.


The Leem’s CSR awards

The CSR trophies (Corporate Social Responsibility) of the Leem wish to recognize the best approaches to social, corporate and environmental performances. Forty-six files produced by twenty-eight large and small companies were presented. The trophies were awarded on March 31, 2015 in Paris.



Four categories were defined :

          - Responsible governance, ethics et management for the management of the CSR  ;

          - Social for the improvement of the working conditions, the health, and the safety of the employees  ;

           -  Environment for the environment-friendly initiatives  ;

           -  Corporate for the creation of shared value.



A successful 3Rs project reward by the ‘Coup de coeur’ prize

The ‘Coup de coeur’ prize was awarded to Sanofi Pasteur for a project that consisted in replacing an in vivo test in mice by an in vitro test to confirm the presence of Hepatitis B antigens used for a new pediatric vaccine. This project takes part of the CSR 3Rs Animal Ethics of this company. By 2018, 20.340 mice will have been spared.




Reducing the use of animals in research is a real challenge for scientists. It is extremely difficult to obtain the same information for an in vitro model than for an in vivo one. This is why the Leem’s CSR awards took into rewarding the tenacity and success of the Sanofi Pasteur teams.