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08 - 06 - 2021

The Commission has published the EU database on animal use based on statistics 2017 from the EU Member States

The Commission developed an EU database – ALURES - on statisticalinformation on the use of animals for scientific purposes .It offers free access to all interested in obtaining more information on animal use in the EU.  In addition, there will be an EU database on Non-Technical Summaries (scheduled launch in July).  

The launch is supported by a leaflet and video where EFPIA has been involved (GAA specifically) and EU leading on vaccines development (2019 situation) are highlighted.


This new interactive database provides the opportunity to have a complete overview of when and how animals in Europe are being used in science. Furthermore it makes it more understandable as to the areas that still need animals in research and testing and to determine which areas use the most animals, in which procedures animals can experience severe suffering and which regulatory requirements result in animal use. This helps to identify where science urgently needs to develop alternative approaches and where we as industry can base our efforts to focus R&D efforts and funding.