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07 - 20 - 2021

Research sector in France welcomes the publication of EU-wide figures on the number of animals used in biomedical research and testing

The French biomedical research sector has welcomed the publication of comprehensive statistics, from across the EU, including France, on all uses of...


06 - 08 - 2021

The Commission has published the EU database on animal use based on statistics 2017 from the EU Member States

<p>The Commission developed an <a href=" target="_blank...


02 - 22 - 2021

The French Transparency charter on the use of animals for scientific and regulatory purposes is signed.

      The French actors in public and private research have just signed the Transparency Charter on the use of animals for...
A new deadly epidemic


03 - 28 - 2020

A new deadly epidemic

A new deadly epidemic caused by a coronavirus has bloomed in China. The previous epidemics caused by a coronavirus were SARS in 2002 (8000 cases and...
Articles from the newspaper La Croix

Animal research

02 - 19 - 2020

Articles from the newspaper La Croix

The newspaper La Croix published on January 14th, 2020 articles on animal testing. The main article signed by Loup Besmond de Senneville is entitled...