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10 - 11 - 2017

Bisphenol A: in utero exposure in rabbits

Researchers have shown that bisphenol A absorbed by mother rabbits causes an inflammation of the intestine and a change in the microbiota in the offspring.


Chronic inflammation can lead to cancers, such as colon cancer when it comes to bowel inflammation. Several research teams around the world are trying to understand the cause of chronic intestinal inflammation in order to control it.


Certain foods affect the level of inflammation of the intestine, and this recent study showed that products of our environment can to.


A study in rabbit *showed that if a mother absorbs bisphenol A during pregnancy and the beginning of lactation, the product crosses the placenta and can also present in the milk. The offspring hens exhibit chronic inflammation of the intestine and liver, a less diverse microbiota, and a decrease in the amount of bacterial anti-inflammatory metabolites.



The dose administered (200 micrograms per kilogram per day) was greater than the maximum daily allowable dose, but according to the authors, this corresponds to a dose which people may be exposed to.


This study shows that certain products of our environment absorbed by the mother, act in the offspring on the microbiota and the intestine by inflaming it. This must be taken into account when assessing the safety of chemicals.


* The rabbit has a gestation closer to that of the human than the rat or the mouse