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Animal research

31 - 08 - 2018

Animal research in pictures

Visits of animal units, experimental procedures, educational videos, there are many visual ways to inform about animal research.



Research produces many images on animal research. They allow non-scientists to effectively discover the world of animal experimentation.


Thus, offers, on its YouTube Channel Animal Research, many videos produced by the GIRCOR or from scientific sites. These are divided into several playlists in French and English.




The 6 minutes long home video of the channel, talks about ten French researchers who explain why they use animals for their research to which they devote themselves. Basic and applied research, cardiac and neurological disease, animal health, regulation, all aspects are covered.


More and more research institutions are posting such videos online. Thus the CNRS proposes the virtual visit of a primate research unit. Four major UK research institutions have put online a virtual tour of their research premises reviewing the accommodation and handling of many animal species.


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