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Animal research and your health


Animal research and medical breakthroughs

Animal research studies living organisms. It enabled the progress of general knowledge and Medicine and remains essential for the protection of human and animal health. It is used in basic research, in research on diseases and pharmaceutical research.

Fundamental Research

Fundamental biomedical research enhances the understanding of life and opens the way to applied research. Fundamental research allowed for the development of in vitro methods and benefits form their use. But it must be based on animal research.

Disease research

Research on disease involves the prevention and treatment of all diseases: infectious diseases (viruses or bacteria) or metabolic (diabetes, obesity), cancers, aging or degenerative diseases. Studies are conducted on animal models when they can’t be performed on humans or in vitro.

For each of the presented diseases, we indicate the animal species most frequently used by the researchers.

Drug safety

Drug safety is ensured by a set of studies defined by International regulations. These regulations provide the highest level of protection for patients and are constantly revised to incorporate new scientific and medical knowledge. The number of animals used for drug safety is about 5% of all animals used in research in France.

Alternative methods

Alternative methods for animal research are those that reduce the number of animals used or the constraints (discomfort, stress, pain) inflicted on the animals. They are fully integrated into animal research.