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20 - 03 - 2018

Administrative controls: finding the right dosage?


Information related to the control of animals used for science in the United States and the United Kingdom has just been published.



The Animals in Science Regulation unit controls the use of animals for science in the United Kingdom by issuing authorizations, inspections and the promotion of 3Rs. This unit which is part of the Home Office, has just published its report for the year 2016.


Baroness Williams of Trafford, Minister of State at the Home Office, reminds us that research and science are vital to the country and that the controls carried out by her ministry ensure that animals are only used when necessary, in the absence of a non-animal method and in compliance with the 3Rs principles.


This document contains information in particular on the regulation, the collaboration with the national centre on the 3Rs, the communication, the inspections, the evolution of the conformities and nonconformities.


The table concerning changes in nonconformities over three years shows a decrease in their number.




In the US, the National Institute of Health has initiated a formal public inquiry to obtain information to improve the coordination of regulations concerning animals used in research.


This follows, in particular, the publication by several scientific organizations in 2017 of a report on the need to improve the effectiveness of the regulation on animal welfare and the quality of scientific research.


This report identifies contradictory, outdated or redundant regulations and summarizes them in a series of tables.