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Alternative methods

19 - 09 - 2018

Accelerating the validation of alternative methods

The published studies presented at the April 2016 EPAA congress on alternative methods in toxicology outline the challenges that remain.


Animal testing is still necessary and required for the safety assessment of substances and products, refered to as toxicologyThe European Union requires the use of validated alternative methods in all areas where they are available.

But even though many methods have been formally adopted over the past decade and many technological and scientific advances have been made, replacement of animal testing has not yet been achieved.

The purpose of the  EPAA * , European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing, meeting was to establish the progress that needs to be made to increase the number of validated alternative methods, and in particular substitution or replacement methods. 

The very complete publication of the information broadcasted during the meeting is addressed to all those interested in alternative methods.



The main objectives are:

- a better knowledge of the mechanisms of toxicity
- the development of exploration methods in poorly known domains
- a better understanding of the relationship between what is observed in vitro and in vivo
- a better definition of the areas of use of alternative methods
- a wider use of validated approaches.

The main barriers to replacing animal testing are technological and scientific limitations.

* EPAA unites the European Commission, commercial organizations and companies in seven industrial sectors for the development of alternative methods for safety testing


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