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About us

Gircor* brings together the biological or medical research institutions in France as an association under the 1901 law**: public research institution, large institutes, pharmaceutical companies and private research institutes take all part. Gircor is currently presided by the CNRS.

The use of animal for scientific and medical research, called animal testing or animal research, is widely practiced in the world because it is essential to medical progress. But because of the lack of information, the public poorly understands the reasons and the conditions in which it is practiced. This sometimes results in misunderstandings and misconceptions. Gircor and the scientific community have decided to address the need for clear and transparent information.

By informing on current research, Gircor gives everyone the opportunity to know the place animal research has in scientific and medical progress. Furthermore, it outlines and explains the conditions under which animal research is practiced. Finally, at the public’s disposal, Gircor answers the questions anyone has.

Importantly, Gircor also acts via Grice to encourage the development and actions of ethics committees within research institutions.

* Interprofessional reflection and communication group on research
** ListeNon exhaustive list as an indication