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Alternative methods, Animal welfare

03 - 07 - 2019

The 3Rs in pharmaceutical research in Europe

The European Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry, EFPIA, published its 2019 report on 3Rs.

Wishing to spread awarness about their commitment to the protection of animals used in research, the European pharmaceutical industry published their 2019 report on its actions in favor of the 3Rs, ie Replace, Reduce and Refine the use of animals.

This very dense report is divided into three parts:
               - the development of new methods and practices;
               - training and dissemination of information;
               - public information.




It contains dozens of examples of developmentsinnovations, and actions that can be replicated by all institutions or readers of the report.
These examples include:
               - the removal of regulatory requirements for toxicity testing in  mouse or guinea pig put in place by the WHO for vaccines and biological products;
               - group rather than individual housing for primates and dogs in metabolism studies;
               - the use of in vitro organoids rather than mice for the study of tumors;
               - the development of training courses and seminars on the 3Rs;
               - the multiplication of awards for 3Rs initiatives;
               - the organization of the Biological Research Awareness Day (BRAD) on animal research and dialogue with the public and associations.
The report also lists ten companies that publish an annual report on the 3Rs.